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A Novel Potato Contest

Plowing by Electricity

American Pottery Interest

The Founding of Lowell

By James Parton

The Polariscope as Applied to Sugar Manufacturing and Brewing

By J. Steiner

Testing Tea for Adulterations

By A. W. Blyth

The South Pass Jetties

Notes on the Consolidation and Durability of the Works, With a Description of the Concrete Blocks and Other Constructions of the Last Year

By Max E. Schmidt

Railway Tunnels

The Last of the Resolute

Self-Acting Intermittent Siphons

On Self-Acting Intermittent Siphons and the Conditions which determine the Commencement of their Action. *

By Rogers Field

New Testing Machine

The Role of Pathological Anatomy

By J. Cohnheim


A Possible Cause of Roman Fever

Meeting of Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences—Biological and Microscopical Section—OCT. 4, 1879

By R. S. Kenderdine

Pilocarpin in Intermittent Fever

By Gaspar Griswold

Insect Pests in Libraries

By H. A. Hagen

Treatment of the Drowned

The Rearing of a Silk-Producing Moth

(Attacus Cecropia.)

Volcanic Phenomena and Earthquakes During 1878

Nordenskjold's North-East Passage

Exploration in Central Asia

Experimental Geology

The Bronze Gates of Balawat

Timber in Brazil

A Rare Irish Orchid

The Beginning and End of the Worlds

By Camille Flammarion

A New Underground Lake


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