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M. Viollet-Le-Duc

Science and the U. S. Navy

Literature and Composition

By Eliza A. Bowen

Figures and Facts


The New Cunard Steamer Gallia

Habitual Criminals

Things that are Misnamed

The Severn Bridge

Machinery in Flour Mills—Cost and Depreciation

By A. J. Waters

The Polariscopea as Applied to Sugar Manufacturing and Brewing

By J. Steiner

Formulæ for Perfumery

By Alex. B. Levi

The Consolidation of Fluid Steel

By Alfred Davis

Lead Fume, with a Description of a New Process of Fume Condensing

By A. French

Theory of the Telephone

The Lontin Electric Light

The Azoic Coloring Matters

The Neutralization of Phosphorus in Steel and Steel-Like Metals

By Richard Brown

New Coloring Matters

By Otto N. Witt

M. C. Lorilleux's Printing and Lithographic Inks


Cholera in Japan

Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine

By Antony Guyard

Carbides Obtained from American Petroleum

By L. Prunier

Anæsthesia under Pressure

A New Base, C19H18N2

By C. B*amp*ouml;ttinger

On Cuprous Chloride

By M. Rosenfeld

The Beginnings and Development of Life

The Sponges and the Formation of the Animal Individuality

By Edmond Perrmr

Toxic Effects of Tea

Nordenskjold's Winter Experience and Observations

The Lick Observatory

The Action of Nature's Forces

Development of the House Fly

By M. H. Robson

Suggestive Ornaments for Decorative Painting


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    November 15, 1879

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