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The English Sparrow

The Gorgon Gnu

A Tortoise 150 Years Old

The Tiger at Bay

The Sea Serpent

Summer Walks After Unseen Things

(Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.—Biological and Microscopical Sections, October 20th, 1879)

By R. S. Kenderdine

Mould as an Insect Destroyer

By C. G. Siewers

Zinc Veins and Works of Lehigh Valley

The Progress of Iron and Steel as Constructive Materials

By J. A. Picton

A Pneumatic Elevator

American Engineering—VI

Hog Cars

The Dynamical Power of Steam

Railway Car Construction, Past and Present

The Casting of the 100-Ton Gun in the Turin Gun Foundry

The Z System of Block Building

A New Method of Preparing Sulphureted Hydrogen

By J. Fletcher

The Chloride of Methyl Ice Machine

Properties and Functions of Chlorophyl

Improved Packing Paper

Digestive Ferment of Carica Papaya

By A. Wurtz and E. Bouchut

Compressibility of Gases at High Pressures

By E. H. Amagat

A New and Very Powerful Electrical Ozonizer


Kreatinin and Kreatin

By Th. Weyl

Hydrocarbon from Rosin Oil

By W. Kelbe


By Charles G. Polk

Aspido Spermin

By G. Fraude

Alkaline Amalgams

By M. Berthelot

Action of Drugs on the Secretion of Bile

The Role of Pathological Anatomy

By J. Cohnheim

The Beginnings and the Development of Life

By Edmond Perrier

The End of the Great Captive Balloon

The Solar Temperatures

By J. Jansen

Ways of Remembering

By J. Mortimer Granville

A New Form of Leclanche Battery

Sound Vibrations and the Telephone

By A. E. Dolbear

The French Association

The Temperature of Carbons Giving the Electric Light


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    November 22, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism