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The Llandulas Viaduct

Toughened Glass Sleepers

By C. Wood

The Delaware River Gunning Skiff

Pattern Raising Machine for Woolen Cloth

The Velocimanipede

Prevention of Double Roller-Laps and Foul Piecing in Spinning

Comparative View of American Progress

Leucogen, So-Called, for Bleaching Wool

Drying Apparatus for Wool

Flight and its Imitation

By Fred. W. Brearey

Indian Ideas About Thunder and Lightning

Practical Experiments in Magnetism, with Special Reference to the Demagnetization of Watches

By Alfred M. Mayer

New Researches on the Theory of the Microphone

By Julian Ochoswicz

The Magic Needles

The Dynamic Barometer

A Musical Microphone

Arborescent Electric Discharges

Is Typhoid Fever Contagious?

By T. J. MacLagan

The Pocket Telemeter

Diabetes Mellitus

Drinks, Food, Bathing, Exercise, Clothing, and Treatment in Diabetes Mellitus

By J. H. Salisbury

Separation and Determination of Manganese

By J. Volhard

Iron in the Blood

Artificial Wine

Physiological Transformation of Substances in Birds

Parchmentized Cotton as a Substitute for Wool and Linen

New Iron Salt for Depositing Steel Electrolytically on Copper Plates

New Blue Dye Stuff

Germs of Bacteria in the Atmosphere and Water

Furnace Slag as a Source of Sulphate of Alumina, Gelatinous Silica, and Chloride of Calcium

Dyeing Wood Black

Coloring Oil Varnishes with Aniline Dyes

Dr. Asa Gray

The Bud Louse

The Kansas Gas and Coal Wells

By J. Thorne


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    December 20, 1879

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