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Central Africa

By John O. Means

The Efficiency of Screw Propellers

Bricklaying in France

Heathorn's Steering Gear

Fire-Brick and Terra Cotta

By Andrew McLean Parker

Improved Tanning Process

Comparative View of American Progress

Printing Receipts

An Attempt at a Systematic Classification of the Various Forms of Energy

By O. J. Lodge

Breaking Horses by Electricity

Coret's Metallic Thermometers

Reynier's New Incandescent Electric Lamp

Electric Illumination

By M. Tommasi

Aspergillus in the Living Human Ear

By Charles Henry Burnett

Horticultural Notes

Ferric Hydrates

By D. Tommasi

Determination of Potassa and Soda in Minerals

By W. Knop and J. Hazard

Active Matter of Malt, or Maltin and Diastase

By M. Dubrunfaut

Test for Traces of Mercury

By Ed. Teuber

How to Grow Tuberoses

Pliocene Man

By Charles C. Abbott

The Great Glacier of Eastern America

A Remarkable Cave in Brazil



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    December 27, 1879