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Pulleys and Pinions for Millstone Spindles

By Charles B. Coon

A Timber Shoot in Bavaria

The “Arizona”

Steel vs. Iron for Ships

Improved Calendering Rolls

Apparatus for the Manufacture of Artificial Sandstone

Scouring Wool by Naphtha

Nickel at the Exhibition of Applied Science, Paris

Underground London

Preparation of Perfectly Pure Hypophosphite of Soda

By M. Boymond

Action of Lime on Silica in Mortar

By W. B. Boberts

Volatility of Platinum in Chlorine Gas at High Temperatures

By Seelheim

Specific Heats and Melting Points of Various Refractory Metals

By J. Violle

Decomposition of Chlorine

Chloride of Lime Battery

By A. Niaudet


By M. Franchimont

Analogy between the Conductivity for Heat and the Induction Balance Effect of Copper-Tin Alloys

A Nickel Battery

The African Cable


The Late Professor Clerk-Maxwell

The Illumination of Cavities by Geissler's Tubes

By Horatio R. Bigelow

Novel Surgical Instrument

Diphtheria and Milk

Some Important Topical Remedies and their use in the Treatment of Skin Diseases

By John V. Shoemaker

Obesity—A Few Thoughts on its Nature and Treatment

The Distinctions between Croup and Diphtheria

Effects of Tea on the System

The Motor Functions of the Brain


The First Silo

Our Cotton Crop for 1879

Figures of Sesostris

Eccentricities of Birds

An Enormous Eel

A Cylinder of Cyrus the Great

The Cosmogony of Laplace

[Read before the American Philosophical Society, Sept. 19, 1879]

By Daniel Kirkwood

Artificial Fertilization of Oyster Eggs


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    January 10, 1880

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism