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Machines for the Production of Ornamental Papers

Revolving Cylinder Steam Engines

Endless Rail Railway

Clement Ader's System

New Oscillating Crucible Furnace

New Applications of Centrifugal Pumps

Improvements in Bridges

By Richard B. Osborne

American Cotton Mills as Viewed by an Englishman

Holes for Blasting by Means of Hydrochloric Acid

The Improvements Science can Effect in our Trades, and in the Condition of our Workmen

By W. E. Ayrton

Stereoscopes for Large Pictures

Clamond's Thermo-Electric Pile

Magnetic Circuits in Dynamo and Magneto Electric Machines

By Lord Elphinstone and Charles W. Vincent

The Neutralization of Phosphorus in Steel and Steel Like Metals

By Richard Brown

On the Separation of the Heavy Metals of the Ammonium Sulphide Group

By Clemens Zimmermann

A Chloride of Lime Battery

By Alfred Niaudet

Houlgrave's Gelatine Emulsion

The Function of Chlorophyl

Silver Oxide Fire

By Boettger

On a New Method for the Separation of Nickel and Cobalt

By M. Ph. Dirvell

The Swedish Northeast Passage Expedition

On the Solubility of Solids in Gases

Cerro De Pasco, Peru

Coursing—The First Turn

The Pearl Fisheries of the Persian Gulf

On the Hygienic and Therapeutic Influence of Habits and Character in the Medical Profession

By Edward T. Tibbits

Longevity, Or the Natural Duration of Life

Gum Euphorbium

How to Control Sex in Animals


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    January 17, 1880