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The Capture of the Huascar

New Experiments with Regard to the Giffard Injector

The Naval Combat in the Pacific

Interoceanic Canal Projects

By A. G. Menocal

Powerful Pumping Engines

Deprez's Electric Motor

The Cartometer

Lights for Lighthouses

Piercing Glass by the Electric Spark

The Circulation of the Blood

A New Malarial Germ

Liquid Extract of Ergot

By P. Yvon

Chloral Inebriety

Catgut as a Carrier of Infection

Analysis of Commercial Potash

By B. Corenwinder and G. Contamine

The Accumulation of Nitric Nitrogen in the Unchanged Water of Aquaria

By H. Williams Jones

On Some New Properties of the Natural Metallic Sulphides


By T. Schloesing and A. Muntz

Fractional Distillation

The Sun

By S. P. Langley


The History of the Horse Bot-Fly

How to Take Photographs of Microscopic Objects

By Carl Seiler

Yale College and American Palæontology

Biology and Microscopy

Meeting of the Biological and Microscopical Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Philadelphia, Dec. 1, 1879

By Carl Seiler


A Subterranean Palace

Manufacture of Diamonds

Moths Entrapped by an Asclepiad Plant (Physianthus) and Killed by Honey Bees

Sketching from Nature

The Lands along the New Arizona Railroad


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    January 24, 1880

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