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Fall of the Tay Railway Bridge

The Tunnel under the Mersey, at Liverpool

Notes on Ironwork

By Graham Smith

Hundred Ton Guns

A New 13-Pounder Gun

Maximum Velocity of Ice Boats

Speed of Ice Boats

The Velocity of Ice Boats

Improved Drop Hammer

Why Ice Boats Sail Faster than the Wind

Improved Spinning Frame

Photographs of Microscopic Objects

On the Preparation of Gelatine Emulsion with Glycerine

Action of Solar Light upon Vegetation in Northern Regions

Polarization of Light

Fire Brick

Electric Gas-Pressure Regulators

Mosaic Work in Chancel, Cork Cathedral

The Effects of Alumina Salts on the Gastric Juice in the Process of Digestion.—Experiments on Twenty-Two Living Animals

By Henry A. Mott

The Bassick Mine, Colorado

Albuminuria with Healthy Kidneys

Progress of Industrial Chemistry

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

By J. W. Mallet

The Great Chemical Products at the Universal Exhibition of 1879

The Soda Industry

The Supposed Artificial Production of the Diamond

Fermentation in its Household Relations

Celestial Objects Viewed with the Naked Eye

Working the Speculum for the Thirty-Seven-Inch Reflector

The Sun

Prof. Collier on Sugar Making

Interesting to Patentees

James R. Napier, F.R.S


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    February 07, 1880

    Confronting Common Wisdom