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Six-Coupled Tank Locomotive

Explanation of the Bogie System of Locomotives

Central Feed Steam Boiler

How to Ascertain the Inclination of Borings

Steam Pressure Lubricators

Napier's “Showspeed,” or Speed Indicator

Norwegian Lighthouses

Fast Speed Vessels

Chilled Cast Iron Armor

Farcot's New Balance Dynamometer

Compressed Air Refrigerating Apparatus

By Henry Bell, James Bell and Joseph James Coleman

The Tay Bridge Disaster

Improved Kneading and Mixing Machines

Machine for Cleaning Wool

Artesian Wells and the Great Sahara

By Lieutenant Seaton Schroeder

Improved Filter

A System of Electrical Storage

By Edwin J. Houston and Elihu Thomson

Skin Grafting

By R. J Levis

Hygiene in the Higher Education of Women

By A. Hughes Bennett

Washing out the Stomach—A Cure for Dyspepsia

Asphyxia.—A “Speedy Method”

By Harvey L. Byrd

Man and Evolution


By B. F. Mudge

Are the Oceans Disappearing?


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