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The Thunderer Gun Experiments

Final Bursting of the Second Gun

The Construction of Canvas Canoes

The Tay Bridge

The Millers' International Exhibition

Code of Regulations for the Test Trials of Automatic Cut-Off Steam Engines, at the Millers' International Exhibition, Cincinn Ati, June, 1880

Comparative Values of Gas and Coal—The Fuel of the Future—Curious Speculations about the Wastes of Coal

By George S. Dw Ght

Rapid Steam Communication with Australia

Porosity of Cast Iron

On the Heating Power of Coal Gas

By Wm. Wallace

Wood Paving

New Coloring Matters

By P. Greiff

The Recent Textile Display

Stripping Collodion Transfers

Separation of Fats and Soaps

By Justus Wolff

Photography of the Invisible

Photographing Colors

Chemical Society

On the Specific Volume of Crystallization

By T. E. Thorpe and J. J. Watts

Those Artificial Diamonds

The Artificial Manufacture of Diamonds

Colored Rings on Mercury

By M. Adr. Guebhard


On a New Method for the Separation and Subsequent Treatment of Precipitates in Chemical Analysis

By F. A. Gooch

Certain Ultramarine Compounds

By K. Heumann

Starch and its Transformations

By H. T. Brown and J. Heron

Platino-Potassic Chloride

By H. Precht

Pictet's Calorific Syntheses

On a New Hydride of Silicium

By M. J. Ogier

Oil of Turpentine from Pine Cones

A Device for the Rapid Filtration of the Carbon in Cast Iron and Steel Analyses

Some Thoughts on the Treatment of Disease

By James G. Clark

Researches on Nitrification

By MM. Schloesing and Muntz

Red and Blue Light from Gold

How to Distill Mercury

How to Determine the Specific Gravity of Liquids

Cement Which Resists Acids

A Catarrh Cure

By Hans M. Wilder


By MM. Haarmann and Reimer

The Meteorograph

Poisonous Properties of Phenol

By Binnendijk

Antiseptic Dressing of Wounds

By MM. Gosselin and Bergeron

Comparative Researches on Ptyalin and Diastase

By Th. Defresne


The Sun

By S. P. Langley

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

New Archaeological and Scriptural Discoveries in Phœnicia

New Spherometer


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    February 21, 1880

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