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The Cylindroid

By John W. Griffiths

A Dry Canal for Ships

The Garrett Submarine Torpedo Boat

The Tees Breakwater

The Great Bridge Over the Frith of Forth in Scotland

ST. Mary's Church, Brighton

Pneumatic Foundations

By A. Heinercheidt

Turner's Gas Engine

Electro-Dynamic Transmission

The Old Northwest

A New Electric Burner

By M. Perruche

On the Number of Vibrations Necessary for the Recognition of Pitch

By A. E. Dolbear

Spectrum of the Electric Spark Between Magnesium Points

The Temperature of the Carbon Points in the Electric Lamp

The Highest Magnifying Power Ever Reached

A Cheap and Simple Camera for the Microscope

Photographs of Microscopic Objects

The Touroscope


The Diamond—its Origin, Artificial Production, and Uses

By Henry A. Mott

The Earth Five Hundred Million Years Old

On a New Violet Coloring Matter

By M. Prud*amp*apos;homme

Ammonia From Atmospheric Air

Falsification of Copperas

The Influence of Shock on Memory

By R. O. Cowling

Cleaning Cashmeres and Silks, and Dyeing with Resists

The New an æsthetic—The Bromide of Ethyl

By R. J. Levis

American Apples in Europe

By E. R. Billings

Manna Production in Italy

Two Valuable Insecticides

New Use for Hemp

The Chinch Bug

Amount of Injury it Causes

Milk Beer

Ravages of Phylloxera

Railroad Shakes

By S. W. Robinson

Early Suggestions Concerning the Casting and Production of Heavy Ordnance


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