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The Grooveless Tramway

Speed of Ice Yachts

Fixed and Movable Weirs

The American Grain Elevator in London

Ring-Spinning Improvements

Applied Science Exhibition, Paris

Estimation of the Total Carbon in Iron and Steel En Masse

By Sydney C. Jutsum

The Western Mining Regions

On Actinometers

Photo-Electro Metallurgy

Royal Academy Gold-Medal Design for a Baptistery

The Electro-Motive Force of Aluminum

New Solvent for Gums


Effects of Color on Distance

By C. A. Bucklin

On Water and Air

By John Tyndall

Improvement in Telescopes

Our Domestic Poisons

How arsenic poison is introduced into papers

By Henry Carr


By Alonzo Clark

African Hippopotamus Hunting

Hints for the Sick Room

The Effects of Uninterrupted Sunlight on Plants

New Zealand Flax in Orkney

A New Vegetable from China


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    March 20, 1880

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