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Brown's Tramway Locomotives

Double Bow Girder Bridges

Novel Life Boat

On the Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing of Steel

Telescopic Rudder

A New Metallic Compound

By Granville Cole

Gilding Metal Surfaces

Dynamo-Electric Machines

The Chemistry of Light

By John Edmond Fairlie

Improved Insulator

Photographing by Gaslight

By J. Urie

Lines of Discovery in the History of Ozone

I.—Its Original Discovery, Sources, and Properties

By Albert R. Leeds

Cobalt and Nickel—their Distinction in Mixed Solution

By G. Papasogli

The Practical Determination of the Value of the Sugars of Commerce

By Henry A. Mott

The Chemistry of Bread Making

By Graham

A Masterpiece of Modern Industrial Art

The Future of China

To the Editor of the Scientific American :

Growing Onions

To Raise Cranberries in the Garden

Forced Alimentation

By Alexander Hutchins

On the Tannic Acid of Sumac Leaves

By H. Macagno

Trout Breeding Easy

By J. T. King



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