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Recent Decisions Relating to Patents, Etc

U. S. Circuit Court.--Eastern District of Wisconsin.

The Severn Bridge

Light Draught Stern Wheel Steam Yacht

Small Steam Launch

The “Boston Pacific”

The Fracture of Cast Iron

Apparatus for Hot Pressing

The Guns of the Future

The Porosity of Building Materials

Mosaic Pavement in Cork Cathedral

Leclerc's Process for Silvering Glass

Malleable Nickel and Cobalt

Photography Applied to the Ornamentation of Glasses and Mirrors

Small Conservatories

Improved Soil Pipe Ventilator

Still Another Letter Copying Process

The Height and Span of the Japanese

Pearl Inlaying on Iron

The Keeping of Gelatine Emulsion

The Statue of Galvani at Bologna

The Lace Manufacture of Calais

Why Does Steel Harden?

By William Metcalf

Dynamo-Electric Machines

Simple Mercurial Air-Pump

By M. Hopkins

The Electric Light

Hydrostatic Balance

New Luminous Tubes

Edmund Halley: His Life and Work

The Theater Praxinoscope

Constipation Viewed as a Disease Per Se, and as an Exciting Cause of Disease

By Robert Bell

The Solar Eclipse of Jan. 11, 1880

Burns and Scalds

On the Artificial Formation of the Diamond

Preliminary Notice

By J. B. Hannay

The Hereditary Effect of Extirpation of the Spleen

The Decay of the Emotions

Albuminate of Iron—Its Preparation and Use

By Dr.W. Donitz

The Odor of the Soul—German Philosophy

A New Class of Roses

Action of Watery Vapor on Carbon at Different Temperatures

By C. G. Dahlerus

Analogy between Fluidity and Galvanic Conductivity

Treatment of Horses' Legs

New Process for Electrotyping Nonconducting Materials


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