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Proa Ladronia

A Catamaran Steamer

The Russian Yacht Livadia

Derrick Used at Davis Island Dam

By James Harlow

A Feat in Triangulation

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Music in the Sawmills

Modern Autographic Printing Processes

By Thomas Bolas

Mirrors in Photography

Dynamo-Electric Machines

Improved Filters

An Experiment on Induction

Electric Lighting in London

Recent Wonders of Light

By W. H. Preece

A New Standard of Light

Mechanical Skid for Raising Casks and Other Packages

On New Luminous Tubes

By M. Treve

The Function of Chlorophyl

Flow of Viscous Materials—a Model Glacier

Powers of Eyepieces

Precautions in Comparing Weights

On the Solubility of Solids in Gases

By J. B. Hannay and James Hogarth

The “Egasse” Disinfectant

Alcohols in Unfermented Fruit Juices

By Gutzeit

Examination of Mustard

By Channing T. Gage

Julhe's Extraction Apparatus

Nitrogen, Sulphur, and Chlorine in Organic Bodies

By P. Spica

Mineral Lubricating Oils

By Oscar Bremken

Sulphureted Hydrogen in Beer

The Science of Gas Burning

Action of Ozone on Certain Noble Metals

By A. Volta

Preparations of Crystals for the Polariscope

The Ecclesiastical Art Exhibition

Proportions and Conformations of the Horse

Fertilization of Flowers by Humming Birds

Adaptation of Cicindelidæ

The Fossil Lovers

Farming in Southwestern Minnesota

Art and Nature

A Ramble Through Ceylon

The Water Sheds of the State of New York

Fruit Crop of the Country


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