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The St. Gothard Tunnel

The Railroad Signals Now Used

[From the Eleventh Anual Report of the Massachusetts Railroad Commissioners.]

Weirs and Dams in India

The Lace Manufacture of Calais

Arcot's New Continuous Furnace for Gas Distillation

Concerning Amber

By Erminnie A. Smith

The Brussels Permanent Exhibition

Lightning Conductors and the Protection of St. Paul's Cathedral

Lost at Sea

Yellow Fever

The Turkish Bath.—What it is, and What it Does

By John Stainback Wilson

Salicylic Acid

A Homely Substitute for Cod-Liver Oil

How Urari is Made

The Medical Uses of Milk

Substitute for Castor Oil

Treatment of Phthisis by Inhalations of Benzoate of Soda

The Drainage and Sewerage of Cities

By E. Waring

On the Detection of Organic Matter in Water

By F. Tiemann and C. Preusse

Rosin and Fats in Cements and Lubricants

Varnishes for Protecting Iron

Printing on Woolen

Gelatine Emulsion for Amateurs


By C. Furstenan

Injury to Vegetation by Acid Gases

Phosphorescent Powders

Lactate of Ferrous Oxide Developer

The Soaking of Woolen Cloth

Properties of the Gum of the Euphorbiaceæ

Aniline Fuming for Durable Gelatine Paper

On the Secular Changes in the Elements of the Orbit of a Satellite Revolving About a Planet Distorted by Tides

Preparing Gelatine Plates

By John Matthews

Aztec Ruins in New Mexico

The Canary Islands

Culture of Onions


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