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The St. Gothard Tunnel

Beton Tunnels and Arches

The Construction of a New Foundation for Washington Monument

The Great Tunnel Under the Hudson River Between New York and New Jersey

The Great Thames Tunnel

Mines as Sources of Wealth

Smouldering Fire and Spontaneous Ignition

Multiplication Simplified

Progress of the Southern Pacific

Hand Made Paper

Forged Checks

Etching on Glass

The Photo-Lithographic Process

By Henry Butter

Steamboat Wheels

A Photo Lantern

King's Electric Light

Curious Voltaic Arc Experiment

An Unpublished Chapter in the History of the Morse Telegraph

ParkeSine, Xylonite, or Celluloid

Eliquation of Alloys

Electricity in Wool

On Tonga: A Remedy for Neuralgia, Used by the Natives of the Fiji Islands

Determination of Chemical Affinity in Terms of Electro-Motive Force

Composition of Maize

Barometrical Pressure in Connection with Fermentation

Artificial Diamonds

Universal Method of Determining Arsenic

Plans for Reducing Obesity

Effects of Thirst

Cure of Diarrhea by Ice Water Injections

Beers and Ales, Considered Medically

On the Physical Configuration of Mars

By Wm. Harkness

City Scavenging at Boston

By E. C. Clarke

Automatic Disinfecting Apparatus

Total Solar Eclipses


Raising Turkeys


Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Biological and Microscopical Section. Philadelphia, Feb. 2, 1880.

The Edible Flowers of the Mhowa Tree

Cattle in Colorado

Florida Orange Culture

Forest Trees of North America

By Charles S. Sargent


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    May 08, 1880

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