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Shall the Millstone be Superseded?

Gas Stoves

Darke's Indicator

Tests of a Smoke Consuming Furnace

Progress of Milling in the West

The Manufacture of Toys

The Albert Medal

Indian Freighting and Mechanical Pursuits

General Arthur Jules Morin

Physical Society, London

Fleuss' Diving Helmet

Variation of the Compass in the United States

The Iron and Coal Mines of Virgin A

The Transmission of Heat

The Corrosion of Iron

By Mr. William Foster

An Improved Method of Alkaline Development for Gelatine Plates

Mixed Goods, Silk and Cotton, Wool and Cotton, Etc

By M. J. Persoz

Blacks for Garment Dyeing

The Coloring Matter of Sea-Weeds

Separation of Iodine and Bromine

By R. Muller and H. Bockel


Apparatus for Determining the Quantity of Water in Milk, Etc

A New Hemostatic

Unrecognized Bright's Disease

By B. A. Segur

Sources and Preparation of Shellac

Luminous Palnt

Albuminuria in Persons Apparently Healthy

By John Munn

Infectious Pneumo-Enteritis

Cure for Colds

New Barks

Health is Wealth

A Singular Disease

The Vaccination Delusion

On Rotting Wood

By Wm. H. Brewer

Disposal of City Garbage at New Orleans

By Hugh Miller Thompson

Diameters of Mars

American Jurassic Dinosaurs

The Age of the Green Mountains

Petroleum in the Old World

A Large Lake Dried up

The Narcotic of the Australians

Geodesic and Astronomic Connection of Algeria with Spain

Vibratory Motion in Fluids

Improvement in Microscopic Eye-Pieces

By J. H. Wythe

Does the Cocoon Preserve the Chrysalis from the Cold?

Bird Architecture

Forest Trees of North America

Poultry in France

Cultivation of Olive, Carob and Mulberry Trees in Cyprus


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    May 15, 1880

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism