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Military Traction Engines

Design for the Forth Bridge

Marine Engines of Great Power

Milling Questions and Answers

Rapid Dry Plates

By H. W. Bevan

On the Influence of Electric Light Upon Vegetation, and on Certain Physical Principles Involved

Pictet's Proposal to Dissociate the Metalloid Elements

An Electrical Telemeter

Physics Without Apparatus

Microphone for the Study of Muscular Contraction

Balmain's Luminous Paint

By C. W. Heaton

Large Induction Coil

Notes on Solubility

By D. B. Dott

How Salicylic Acid is Made

A Contribution to the Knowledge of Chlorine

By V. Meyer and H. Z*amp*uuml;blin

London Chemical Society Papers

Dr. Richardson, F.R.S, on Thrift in Relation to Food

Spectroscopic Notes

By Hermann W. Vogel

Separation of Gold by Quartation with Zinc

By C. A. M. Balling

An Ascent of the Great Pyramid

Fisheries of the Isle of Man

Bernhard von Cotta

Synthetic Studies of Experimental Geology

Forest Trees of Nortu America

By Charles S. Sargent


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    May 22, 1880

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism