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A New Planetarium

Molecular Change in Wires

On Magnetic Circuits in Dynamo and Magneto Electric Machines.—No. 2

By Lord Elphinstone, Charles W. Vincent and G. G. Strokes

Preliminary Note on Magnetic Circuits in Dynamo and Magneto Electric Machines

By Lord Elphinstone and Charles W. Vincent

The Temperature of Space and its Bearing on Terrestrial Physics

A Man Struck by Lightning

Postal Stamps

Improvement in Microscopic Eye-Pieces

By J. H. Wythe

Apparatus for Illustrating “The Aberration of Light.”

By Thomas William Tobin

Austrian Passenger Engine

The Italian Hundred-Ton Gun

Hydraulic Accumulator

A Russian Cruiser

Caps from Ste. Chapelle, Paris

A New Feature in Industrial Education

The New Diving System

Wheat Handling in America

When did Man Make his Appearance on the Pacific Coast?

Window Gardening in Small Houses

By M. W. Hudson

Curare and Other Cures for Hydrophobia

William England, Photographer

The Development of Gelatine Plates

The Treatment of Fracture of the Lower End of the Radius

By R. J. Levis

Weighted Black Silks

Vegetable Respiration


Value of Zinc Powder

By V. Drewsen

The Volatile Oil of Almonds

By Wm. L. Dudley

Petroleum and Coal Benzines

Formul1E for Aniline Inks

A contemporary gives the following forms for aniline. ink :

Rau's Palenque Tablet

By O. T. Mason

The Mylitta or Tasar Silk Worm

By Alfred Wailly

The Attractions of the Yellowstone National Park

Rules for the Management of Laying Hens

By A. M. Dickie

Forest Trees of North America

By Charles S. Sargent


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    May 29, 1880

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