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The North-East Passage

Narratives of Captain Palander, Swedish Royal Navy, Commander of the Exploring Vessel.

The Swedish Arctic Exploration

Fast Passenger Locomotive

The Suez Canal

A Kansas Mill

Some New Suggestions in Regard to Steel

Improved Grain Elevator

Pumping Gas Direct into the Mains

A Case of Permanent Polarity in Steel Opposed to That of the Magnetizing Coil by Which it is Produced

By A. Right

Progress of Railroad Law in New York

Prices of Iron

Artists' Homes, No. 1

By W. Burges

The Storm and the Railroad

The Exportation of Canned Goods

An Electric Railway

Stew Art's Electric Lamp

Lincoln Cathedral Misereres

On the Disruptive Discharge of Electricity

By Alex. Macfarlane and P. M. Playfair

The Theory of the Gelatine Emulsion Process

By H. W. Vogel

Physical Society, London

Meeting, April 10, 1880. The Human Eye as an Automatic Photometer.

By William Ackroyd

Decomposition of Potassium Permanganate by Oxygenated Water

By M. Berthelot

On Portland Cement

By Watson

Expansion of Paper

Detecting Free Hydrochloric Acid

By Nicola Rease

Dyeing Recipes

Reduction of Nitrates During Metallic Substitutions

By Giacomo Guetta

New Coloring Matters

Gum Lac from Arizona

By J. M. Stillman

Analytical Observations on Tin

By G. Pellizzari

On the Volatilization of Solids in Vacuo

By W. Douglas Herman

On a New Synthesis of Saligenin

By Wm. H. Greene

Influence of Pilocarpine on Baldness

Diseased Pork from America

By P. L. Simmonds

Forest Trees of North America

[Continued from Supplement No. 280, page 3670.]


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    June 05, 1880

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism