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The Radiograph

Physics without Apparatus

Determinations of Longitude

The North-East Passage

Narrative of Captain Palander, Swedish Royal Navy, Commander of the Exploring Vessel

Distribution of Lakes in the United States

By John Le Conte

The Swedish Arctic Expedition

Rolling Mill Engine

Benefits of Good Tools

Steel Making in China

A New Adulteration of Jellies

Double Boats

Gallium in American Blendes

By H. B. Cornwall

The Japanese Navy

Laboratory Notes

On a Modification of Böttger's Test for Sugar

By Wm. L. Dudley

Bog Butter

Bog Butter (Butyrellite) from Co. Galway, Ireland

The Newer Artificial Coloring Matters Derived from Benzene

By R. J. Friswell

Progress of Industrial Chemistry

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

By J. W. Mallet

Sulphur in Coal

By W. Wallace

Dentistry in the United States

On the Removal of Particles of Steel or Iron from the Vitreous Chamber by Means of Magnets

By Emil Gruening

A New Method of Taking the Specific Gravity of Liquids

By H. Sommerkorn

Cats for the Study of Anatomy

Animals Injurious to the Sugar Canes in Brazil

By E. Guignet

The Serapeum of Memphis

Petroleum in Peru

Supposed Changes on the Moon

Agricultural Items

How Wheat Grows

Athabasca Wheat Fields

Insects, and How to Fight Them

California Raisins

Forest Trees of North America

By Charles S. Sargent


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