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Acetate of Soda Manufacture

Mm. Pelouze and Audouin's Gas Purifier

Alizarine Carmine

Character of Animal Fibers

Azo and Naphthol Dyes

By G. Auerbach

Chian Turpentine

Prism with Wide-Angled Aplanatics

Dumontpallier's Refrigerative Cover

How to Save Strawberries in a Dry, Hot Season

The Storage of Electricity

Japanese Paper Air Cushions

Distilling and Hoisting Machinery for Sea-Going Vessels

Wire Rope Cable Apparatus

Wheat and How it should be Prepared


By J. Reay Greene

Useful Items for Millers

Dolting Cloth Handkerchiefs

Ring Spinning

Elephant Battery Crossing the Cabul River

The Rat King



Forest Trees of North America

By Charles S. Sargent

The Japanese Varnish Tree

The Scientific American Supplement Index for vol.9


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    June 26, 1880