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The New Railway up Mount Vesuvius

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Regenerative Stoves—A Sketch of their History and Notes on their Use

By John N. Hartman

Protection of Ships from Loss by Fire and from Loss by Sinking

Cowper's Hot-Blast Stoves

The Largest Concrete Tank in England

Working Low-Grade Ores

Wilson's Lock-Up Safety Valve

Siemens' Improvements in Electric Railways

Force Exciting Electricity

Difference in the Actions of Positive and Negative Electricity

The New Electrical Middlings Purifier

By Thomas B. Osborne

Atmospheric Polarization

Physical Society, London

Lead Poisoning

By Wm. Pepper

Recent Investigations on the Blood

The Pulse

By T. A. McBride

Some Early Symptoms of Insanity

Detection of Starch Sugar in Canesugar

By P. Casamajor

An Improved Method of Applying Antiseptic Vapors

Treatment of Phthisis by Inhalation of Borax and Salicylic Acid

Rust-Preventing Compound

Prediction of Chemical Elements

Oil of Sage

Double Lever Cement Testing Apparatus

Bronzing Iron

Argentine Sheep and Wool

An Unfortunate White Whale

Brain of Limulus Polyphemus

Ethereal Oil of California Bay Tree

By J. M. Stillman

Forest Trees of North America

By Charles S. Sargent


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    July 03, 1880

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