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British Gun Tests

Mode of Subaqueous Excavation Driving Piles, Or Making Solid Foundations in Quicksands or Unstable Soils

By Charles Pontez

Engines of H.M.S. Nelson

The Hudson River Tunnel

The Railroad Man's Shibboleth

An Iron Roof of Forty-Two Feet Span

The Large Electric Works of Paris

The Stores of the Louvre—The Hippodrome

Electrical Abstracts

Induction Machines

Improved Telephone Call

Transmission of Motion by Electricity

Physics without Apparatus

A New Photometer

Areothermic Balance for Determining the Density of Liquids

Ice and Iron

Some Recent Advances in Photography

The Gelatino Bromide Process

By Captain Abney

Laws of Wisconsin Against Food Adulterations

Progress of Industrial Chemistry

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry Within the Last Few Years

By J. W. Mallet

On the Chemical Composition of Pyroxy-Line and the Formula of Cellulose

The American Chemical Society

Note on Some Effects Produced by the Immersion of Steel and Iron Wires in Acidulated Water

By D. E. Hughes

Analysis of Chian Turpentine

By G. W. Wigner

Notes on Cream of Tartar

By Alfred H. Allen

Hygrometric Properties of Charcoal

Organisms Found in Beer and Wort

By Emil Chr Hansen

Indian Corn

By Louisa Reed Stowell

A New Photo Emulsion


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    July 17, 1880