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Manufacture of Shade-Colored Yarns and Figured Fabrics

Manufacture of Woven Fabrics

Gelatine Plates in the Studio

By Frank P. Moffat

Beaumont Compressed Air-Engine

Liquid Fuels for Steam Engines

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Influence of Piston Speed on the Frictional and Air Resistances of an Unloaded Steam Engine and Its Connected Lines of Shafting in a Factory or Machine Shop

By Isherwood

Excavators at Calais Harbor

Cleaning Water Mains

Worcester Cathedral

New Vehicle for Common Roads

By Treat T. Prosser

Artists' Homes.—No. 3

Mr. Henry Holiday's House at Hampstead

New Galvanic Batteries

Flowing by Electricity

On Some Luminous Effects of Induced Currents


By Geo. H. Stone

An Improved Thermo-Electric Apparatus

Production of Cold in Ice Machines

By Tessi*amp*eacute; Du Motay and Auguste I. Rossi

The Law of Distribution According to the Altitude of the Atmospheric Substance Which Absorbs the Ultra-Violet Solar Rays

By A. Cornu

Cachou De Laval

Mangabeira Rubber

Turkey-Red Oils

By Gottlieb Stein

Fine Black, for Silk Garments, not to Rub Off

Pyrene Oil

The Production and Commerce of Lac

By P. L. Simmonds

Regenerating the Potato

Manufacture of Plate-Glass

Erythroxylon Coca

By D. F. Shull

Humbugs in Horticulture

By Peter Henderson

Prediction of Chemical Elements

Synthetical Formation of Formic Acid

By V. Merz and J. Tibiri*amp*ccedil;a

Explosion of Wine

By V. Wartha

Linaloes Wood

By J. Moeller

Southern Farming

Sulphate of Iron and Cranberries

Activity of Bees

By E. Erlenmeyer and A. V. Planta-Reichenau

On a Fourth State of Matter

By W. Crookes

On the Nature of the Phosphorescence of the Glow-Worm


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