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Progress of Engineering in America

Disconnecting Compound Engines

The New Scandinavian Driving-Band

The Plattsmouth Bridge Over the Missouri

Carpet Sewing Machine

Temporary Bridges

Sectional Steam Launch

The Sinking of Railways in Bogs

English Railways

The Austrian Lloyd's Arsenal at Trieste

A Patent Age

The Prussian Patent Office

New Sounding Lead

On an Automatic Mercurial Pump

By M. G. Couttolenc

Interesting Electrical Researches

Theory of the Microphone

Transfer of Negatives

Development of the Latent Photographic Image

On Substances Possessing the Power of Developing the Latent Photographic Image.

By M. Carey Lea

Determination of Zinc

By W. Alexandrowicz

Methyl Chloride

Developing Gelatine Plates

By W. Bovey

The Behavior of Sulphureted Hydrogen with the Salts of the Heavy Metals

By H. Delffs

Siemens-Martin Steel

By Sergius Kern

On the Electrolytic Determination of Metals

By Ludwig Schicht

Analyses of Some Hair Dyes

By J. F. Braga

Scarlet Fever

Determination of Chlorine

By G. Vortmann

The Treatment of Whooping-Cough with Atropia used Hypodermically and Carbolic-Acid Inhalations

By William Lee

Delaware Eels

Undulatory Nervous Action

The Winner of the Derby, 1889

The Jardin D'acclimatation of Paris

Honey Wasps and their Nests

Tuckahoe, or Indian Bread

Experiments in the Use of Liquid Manure

A Pompeian House

The Emmet County Meteorite

Digestion of Food by the Horse When at Work

By E. V. Wolff

Intermittence of Phosphorescence in Fire-Flies

Native Cotton Goods of China


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    July 31, 1880

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