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The American Flour Trade

The Berlin International Fisheries Exhibition

Utilization of Small Streams

The Carrying Trade of the World

Tar, Pitch, and Turpentine

Native Sports at Candahar

Railroad Sinks

The Vesuvius Railway

Boilers Set in Masonry

High Railway Speeds

By W. Barnet Le Van

The Tessie Gas Producer

Artists' Homes.—No. 4

Improvements in Violins

Telephone with Magnetic Super-Excitation

By M. Ader

The Berthon Duplex Dingy

The Origin of Falling Motion

By Charles Morris

On an Improvement in the Sprengel Pump

By O. N. Rood

Navigation of the Air-Flighty Aspirations

By Fred. W. Brearey

Constitution of Nebule

Magnetic and Diamagnetic Elements


Chemical Society, London

On Some Points Connected with Terrestrial Magnetism

“Tonga” —A Remedy for Neuralgia

An Improved Surgical Needle

Headache and Exertion of the Exhausted Brain

Remedy for Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick Headache, Etc.

Protection Against Forgeries-Photographic and Otherwise

By John Spiller

Gases in Aluminum and Magnesium

By M. Dumas

New Reaction With Gum

By C. Reichel

The Frog-Poison of the Natives of Colombia

Chemical Stability of Matter in Sonorous Vibration

Preparation of Malonic Acid

By E. Bourgoin

A Botanist in Southern California

By Joseph F. James


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