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Process and Apparatus for Producing Hydrogen Gas

By Cyprien Marie Tessi*amp*eacute; Du Motay

Detection of Minute Quantities of Mercury

Determination of Glycerin in Wines

By M. Raynaud

Artificial Wines

Linseed Oil and Electrified Oxygen

The Chinese in California

Theory in Regard to Earthquakes

Metallic Varnish

Fishing Boats at the Berlin International Fisheries Exhibition

Coffee Production of the World

Man on the American Continent

The Discomforts of Summer Railroad Travel

An Electric Vacuum Shunt

Electrical Heat and Power

Deprez's New Galvanometer

Measurement of High Pressures

Progress of American Telegraphic Engineering

Velocity of Projectiles in Guns

American Coast and River Navigation

The Royal Albert Dock

Design for a Gate

The Anthracite Coal Fields of Pennsylvania and their Exhaustion

New Use of Nickel

Discoveries of Minerals in Western North Carolina

By John T. Humphreys

A Viking's Ship

New Observations on the Habits of Ants

Excavations at the Southeast End of the Forum, Rome

Relics of an Ancient Wreck

The Archæopteryx

The Truncated Armadillo

Newly Discovered Nervous Energy

The Mechanical Action of Lightning

Franklin's Place in Science

The Zodiacal Light

The National Medical Library


By O. B. Potter


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