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Working Classes in Southern Italy

Many-Color Printing Press

Shearing Strengths of Some American Woods

By John C. Trautwine

Kingdon's Patent Compound Engine

Fleuss's Diving Apparatus

By B. W. Richardson

Simple Pantograph

New Applications of the Dynamo-Electric Current

Siemens' Electric Railway

Obelisks as Lightning Conductors

Rawdon House, Hoddesden, Etc.

House Drainage

The Brussels National Exhibition

American Silk Manufacture

Silkworm Culture in America-Why it has Always Failed

A New Method for Producing Transparencies Direct in the Camera; Also for the Reproduction of Negatives (Reversed or Otherwise) Without the Aid of a Transparency

On Virulent Diseases, and Especially on the Disease Commonly Called Chicken Cholera

By M. Pasteur

The Physical Signs Derivable from the Breath, Lips, Teeth, and Mouth

Boracic Acid in Inflammations of Mucous Membranes

Dr. Tanner's Forty Days' Fast

Crude Petroleum in Consumption

The Hay Fever Philosophers


The Eider Ducks at the Berlin International Fisheries Exhibition

How to Build Silos

Bladders of Fishes

Successful Tea Raising in Georgia

Action of light on Vegetation

Cheap Manure for Gardens

Currant Worms


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    August 21, 1880

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