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Locomotive Steam Crane

Grain Elevators

A Remarkable Gas-Explosion

Changing a Railway Gauge

By Aug. Mordecai

Automatic Feeding Apparatus for Steam Boilers of Mr. Fromentin

Sir Henry Bessemer

Chain Fire-Bars

Shearing Strength of Some Timbers

Carlisle Cathedral

The Fabrication of Aino Cloth

By D. P. Penhallow

The Microscope in Writing

An Evening with Fasoldt's 1,000,000 Test Plate

Respiration at Various Altitudes on the Island and Peak of Teneriffe

By W. Marcet

Contributions to Molecular Physics in High Vacua

Hearing by the Aid of Tissue Conduction —The Mouth Trumpet and the Audi- Phone

The Tanning Process

By Carl Bottinger

Stored-Up Light

A Bromated Derivative of Nicotine

By A. Cahours and Etard

A New Aluminum Sulphate (Sesquibasic)

By P. Marguerite

The Value of Chemical Investigations of Food

On the Critical Point of Mixed Vapors

Manufacture of Citric Acid

By J. Carter Bell

A Condensed History of Dr. Tanner's Recent Fast

By P. H. Vander Weyde

Salicylic Acid for the Cure and Prevention of Diseases in Cattle and Live Stock

The Climbing Perch

The International Bench Show at Berlin

Aztec Ruins, Colorado


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