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Machine for Making Tan-Bark Fuel

Improved Heilmann Combing Machine

The Dobby Machine of Ainsworth

The Railway Tunnel Between France and England

Flexible Couplings for Screw Shafts

The Rigi Railroad

The Gas Works of Brussels, Belgium

Improved Calendering Machinery

Alarm Water Gauge

American Cements

Details from St. Albans

The Herdic Coach

The Earth as a Conductor of Electricity

By John Trowbridge

The Origin of the Indian

The Consumption of Paper

Improvements in Coils of the Siemens Type

By G. Trouv*amp*eacute;

New Dielectric Machine

By Abbe Le Dantec

On The Color Relations of Nickel and Cobalt

By James Bottomley

A Theory of Sewer Gas

By P. H. Vander Weyde

The Electric Discharge in Gases

Explosive Mixtures of Coal Gas and Air

By W. Foster

Printing Aniline Black with Vanadium

New Aniline Colors

By K. Engan

On The Analysis of Soaps

By Jul. Loewe

Aniline Black Dyeing by Means of Vanadium

Tobacco Smoking Experiments

Constancy of Carbonic Acid in the Air

By T. Schloesing

Alizarin Blue

By C. Graebe

Incombustible Tissues, Especially Curtains Ball Dresses, Etc.

The Solution of Platinum in Sulphuric Acid

By M. Scheurer-Kestner

The Manufacture of Aluminum, Sodium, and Similar Metals


By L. F. Nilson

Rupture of the Membrana Tympani

By Cornelius R. Agnew

Influence of Impure Water on Health

By R. Emmerich

The Cyclograph

Japanese Inundation Fever

Cotton Seed Oil Cake as a Fertilizer and Food

By Wm. L. Dudley

Notes Respecting the Royal Observatory

The Geyser Region in the National Park

Copper in Plants Which Grow on Primordial Rocks

By Dieulafait.

The Geological History of the North American Flora

By J. S. Newberry

Result of Drying Seeds

By E. Wollny


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