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An American Catamaran in London

Our Immigrants and Where they Go

New Torpedo Vessel

The Old Horse Mill

Recent Brake Trials

Improved Moulding Machine

Gutta Percha in Telegraphy

By W. H. Preece

The Port of Antwerp

Washburn Mill “A,” Minneapolis, Minn

What is a Zenana?

By Murray Mitchell

The Influence of Age Upon the Intellect

Mosquitoes as a Stimulant to Reproduction

Whymper's Second Ascent of Chimborazo

The New Relation Between Light and Electricity Discovered by Dr. Kerr

By W. C. Rontgen


On Currents Produced by Friction Between Conducting Substances, and on a New Form of Telephone Receiver

New Measurement of the Velocity of Light

Improvements in the Production of the Electric Light

By F. H. Varley

The Structure of Spermatozoa

The Manufacture of Cinchona Products

Rapid Breathing as a Pain Obtunder

Parasites in Muscle in Typhoid Fever

On the Reduction of Chloride of Gold by Hydrogen in the Presence of Platinum

By D. Tommasi

Callender's Method of Treating Abscess

Acute Rheumatism Treated by Hot Washing-Soda Baths

Tuberculosis as an Infectious Disease

Detection and Determination of Oils

By M. A. Remont

Processes for Purifying Oils With Alkalies

By M. Blondeau

Improvements in the Production of Ammonia

Analysis of Various American Tinned Food Products

By G. W. Wigner

The Fourth State of Matter—A Refutation

On the Extraction of Iodine from Seaweeds

By Thiercelin

The Problem of Life


Artificial Indigo

Annual Meeting of the American Association of Science

A New Method for Determining the Value of Zinc Powder

By V. Drewsen

“Azo” Dyes

Zinc in Spring Waters

By E. Mylius

Friction of Lubricating Oils

Practical Apiculture

Oak Galls

Lightning Bugs

The Percheron Horse

Felidæ in Captivity

Atmospheric Bacteria

By P. Miquel

A German Corded Poodle

Valuable Grasses of New Zealand

Phylloxera in California

How to Make Trout Ponds

The Bean-Faba Vulgaris

By Louisa Reed Stowell

Ensilage Fodder

Gestation of Domestic Animals


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    September 18, 1880

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