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Machinery for Making Wooden Shoes

On the Manufacture of Jute

By William Fleming

A New Air Thermometer

The Largest Sheets of Plate Glass

Photography and the Industries

By H. W. Vogel


Mechanical Integrator

Physics without Apparatus

Hot-Air Engine of Van Rennes

Compressing Steel

On the Steel-Compressing Arrangements at the Barrow Works

By Alfred Davis

The Agate Quarries of San Luis Obispo

Pelzer's Screw Ventilator

The Ville D'oran and Ville De Bone

Wire Rope Connections

Artists' Homes: No. 5—Mr. Champneys' House, Hampstead

Experiment in Acoustics

The Manufacture of Vinegar by means of Bacteria

By Emmanuel Wurm

Donato Tommasi's Definition of Nascent Hydrogen

The Chemical Reactions of Morphine

Purification of Sewage

Progress of Sugar Adulteration

By T. Angell

A Profitable Strike

Joseph Henry

By A. M. Mayer

Electrolytic Determination of Silver

By H. Fresenius and F. Bergmann

Detection of Salicylic Acid in Wine and Fruit Juices

By L. Weigert

Cubic Capacity of the Skull

Chemistry as an Art and as a Science

By J. M. Ordway

Pyrethrum the Best Insect Killer

The Present Condition of Astronomical Science

By Asaph Hall

Bacterias in the Atmosphere


By G. W. Hough

Alternative Currents and the Electromotive Force of the Electric Arc

Parasites in the Muscles in Typhoid Fever

The New Route to Siberia


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September 25, 1880

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism