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Improved Horizontal Steam Engine

The Beaumont Compressed Air Locomotive

Cost of Working a Gas Engine

On the Cost of Working a Gas Engine, Compared with the Same Work Done by Steam Power

By F. T. Linton

The New Orleans and Texas Railroad

Shaft Furnace for the Refining of Cast Iron

On the varying Condition of Carbon in Steel, and its Influence on Eggertz's Coloration Process

By J. Spear Parker

Steam Dredging for Oyster

The Steamship City of Rome

Artists' Homes.—No. 6

By J. C. Dollman


Sir Joseph Whitworth

Auburn Prison

The Bottle Business

Reciprocal Displacements of the Halogen Elements

Differential Thermometer for Class Demonstration

Volumetric Determination of Lead

By W. Diehl

The Preparation of Gelatine-Bromide

By M. Bascher

Synthesis of Citric Acid

By E. Grimaux and P. Adam

Progress in Fire Extinguishment

Enamel for Hollow Iron Ware

The Reversed Action of Light in Solar Photography

By J. Janssen

On the Treatment of Faded Prints for Copying

New Portable Oven

Horseshoe Nail Making


A Fresh-Water Medusa

The New Volcano in Lake Ilopango, Republic of San Salvador

The Colorado Potato Beetle

Canary Birds—How to Care for Them

Pacific Salmon


The Cotton Crop and its Possibilities

The Saddle against the Buggy


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    October 02, 1880

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