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Decisions Relating to Patents

By the Acting Secretary of the Interior.

The India-Rubber and Gutta Percha Industries

By Thomas Bolas

An Afghan Jampan or Sedan Chair

Piassava Fiber

Mental Imagery

Improved Gas-Burners

The Mechanical Labor of One Man

Glass Manufacture

Manufacture of Cotton Cords

Lightning Conductors

By Richard Anderson

On the Proper Form of Lightning Conductors

By William Henry Preece

An Electro-Dynamic Paradox

By M. Gerard-Lescuyer

A New Improvement in Mineral Analysis

Solvay's Ammonia-Water Concentrator

Tin Crystals

Solution of Chlorine in Water

By M. Berthelot

Destructive Action of Woody Fiber upon Salicylic Acid

By H. Kolbe

Fast Shades on Wool

Fireproof Materials

Black Paper Pulp

By M. Auguste Abadie

Preparation of Glycerine from Soap-Boilers' Lyes

The Present Condition and the Future Task of Modern Paleontology

By Carl Vogt

Bleaching Jute

Helvetia Green

Method of Determining the Free Fatty Acids Present in Commercial Oils

By M. Carpentin

Luminous Paint

Prophecy of the Weather

By Isaac P. Noyes

Carbolized Camphor in Diphtheria

Hygienic Screens

Observations regarding Falls of Meteoric Dust in Italy


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