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The De Bay Propeller

Decomposition of Steam—A Lecture Experiment

By Henry Leffmann

Utility of Solar Boilers

Improved Mechanical Stoker

The Fire Engineer, the Architect, and the Underwriter

By Edward Atkinson

On the Ventilation of Public Buildings

By James Hogg

Ammonia in Vegetables

Observations on Piccard's Process and Apparatus for the Economy of Heat in Evaporation

Commercial Synthesis of Ammonia

Apparatus for the Analysis of Gas

Physics without Apparatus

Experiment with Glass Tubes

Weber's Dynamometer for the Measuring of Currents of Great Intensity

The Present Condition and the Future Task of Modern Paleontology

By Carl Vogt

The Spanish Mackerel and its Artificial Propagation

The Transparent Fish

Boneless Cod

How they are Cured and Prepared for Market

The Biological and Microscopical Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

Hemlock in the Treatment of Cancer

A New Isomeric Modification of Aluminum Hydroxide

By D. Tommasi

The Epidemic among the St. Gothard Miners

The Blake Transmitter

How to Feed the Sick

Experiments in Abstinence from Fluids

By E. T. Nelson

About the Transmittibility of Tuberculosis by Milk

Cubic Alum

Mineral Leather

Photo Enlargements on Canvas

The Apparent Distance of the Moon


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October 16, 1880

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism