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The Relations of Cheap Patents to Industrial Prosperity

The India-Rubber and Gutta Percha Industries

Vulcanization of India-Rubber

By Thomas Bolas

Measuring the Wear of Rails

The Canadian Pacific Railway

Becker's Automatic Fricton Brake

A Ship Canal across Cape Cod

Care of Heating Apparatus

The Cape Cod Canal

Swansea and its Neighborhood

On Gas Generating Furnaces

By F. Lurmann

The Telephone Convention

A Year's Operations of the British Post Office

American Manufacturers in Australia

Scheibler's Calcimeter

By H. Pellit and J. Salleron

Induction in Telephone Lines

By J. W. Urquhart

New Treatment for Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever

By Austin Flint

Modern Scientific Medicine

The Relative Illuminating Value of the Hydrocarbon Vapors and Gaseous Hydrocarbons Present in Coal Gas, and their Quantitative Determination

By G. Ernest Stevenson

Explosions by Freezing

A Viking's Ship

Ancient Remains in a Pennsylvania Cave


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