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Apparatus for Continuous Distillation System

By Von Egrot

The India-Rubber and Gutta Percha Industries

By Thomas Bolas

A Log Jam

Valuation of Bituminous Rocks and Limestones

By P. Kienlen

Preparation of Opium for Smoking

By Hugh McCallum

Freezing Mixtures

By A. Ditte

Ethereal Oil from the Californian Bay Tree

By J. M. Stillman

Compression of Gaseous Mixtures

By L. Cailletet

Abietic Acid

By W. Kelbe

A New Triamidotriphenylmethane (Pseudoleucaniline)

By O. Fischer and J. Ziegler

Cold Air Machines

The One-Hundred Ton Gun

Safety Hooks

Consolidation Locomotive for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad

Fast Passenger Locomotives

When the Timber is Gone, What?

Apparatus for Measuring Strains in Structures

How to make a Telescope

By George M. Hopkins

Atmospheric Electricity

By David Brooks

A Florida Typhoon

Constant Bath Treatment of Fever

The Cure of Constitutional Diseases by the use of Glasses

A Lesson on curare and other Poisons

The American Pharmaceutical Association

Effects of Inhaling Oxygen

Danger from Contagious Diseases Affecting the Lower Animals

By Stalker

Dr. Tanner Lectures

A New York Orchard


Remedy for the Cabbage Worm

The Ultimate Structure of Living Organisms

By Carl Seller


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    October 30, 1880

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