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How Gold Leaf is Made

Machines for Finishing Fabrics

English and American Cities

The Tradesmen of Ancient Rome

The Trade in Hides

The Sargasso Sea

Water Polo

Steamboats of the Pacific Coast

A Great Railway's Depots

Warehouses, Elevators, and Cattle Yards of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad on the North River

To Estimate the Horse-Power of a Steam Engine

Laurence's Cargo Block

Electrical Machines—An Important Problem and its Solution

By Theodor Wiesendangir

Great Span Roofs


By George M. Minchin

An Electrical Fire-Damp Photometer

The Heliograph

Improved Heliograph or Sun Signal

By Tempest Anderson

The Distance of Clouds

On Determining the Heights and Distances of Clouds by their Reflections in a Low Pool of Water, and in a Mercurial Horizon

By Francis Galton

Acoustics in Projection

Physics without Apparatus

New Instrument for Estimating Astigmatism

By Tempest Anderson

A Fish that Swallows Bigger Ones

The Sea Cat

New Fishes

Individual Life from an Evolutionary Point of View

By G. Glaser

Contest between a Lizard and Scorpion

Forming a Genus in Anticipation

Vestiges of the Ancient Hittites

Paul Broca

A New Narcotic

Two Victims of a Rare Disease

The Influence of Altitude with Reference to the Treatment of Pulmonary Disease

Galloping Consumption

Further Investigations of Prof. Jaeger regarding Clothing in its Relation to Health

Bright's Disease

How the Metric System has been getting On

The Wourali Poison

Plants in Living Rooms

Medical Progress

A California Arboretum

Olive Culture

How the Hop Crop is Gathered and Marketed

Chemical Generators of Combustion

A Horse-Shoer's Experience

Roses in England—Recent Personal Observations

The Cut Tea Rose Trade

By W. E. Meehan


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    November 06, 1880

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism