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American Railways

Improved Air Refrigerating Machine

An Elevated Road in 1836

The Library of Congress

Goethe's Theory of Colors

Musical Pitch

Some Scientific Results obtained in the Eighteenth Century

Reservoir Blowpipe

By W. A. Ross

Redier's Barometric Balance

Apparatus for Registering the Laws of Motion of Projectiles

Velocity of Fowling Piece Shot

The Presentation of Sonorous Vibrations by means of a Revolving Lantern

By Henry Carmichael

Temperature of the Soil in Winter

The Rochester Astronomical Observatory


By Tait

Formation of Hippuric and Benzoic Acids in the Animal Organism during Fever

By T. Weyl and B. v. Anrep

Marie Joseph Jacquard

By Hugh McCall

Denis Papin

Ornamentation of Ancient American Pottery

Destruction of the Pyramids

Burmese Oil Wells


By Alonzo Clark

A Clew to the World's History Furnished by a Weed

Applications of Artificial Cold in Industrial Chemistry

Injury of the Cornea by a Foreign Body

By Cornelius R. Agnew

Automatic Apparatus for Washing Bone-Black

Manufacture of Ammonia by means of Nitrogen Contained in the Air

By J. P. Rickmann

Juice of the Fig Tree

By Bouchut

Oxalic Acid in Beet Leaves

By A. Muller

New Artificial Cochineal

By L. Vignon and J. B. Boasson

Manure Experiments with Rye, Wheat, and Oats

By A. Pagel and H. Meyer

Thirty-Eighth Year of a Farm without Stable Manure

By Stecher

The Minor uses of Fish Products

The Animal Life of the Deep Sea

Symphytum Asperrimum as a Fodder

By E. Wildt

Protective Mimicry in Animals and Plants

Artifical Fruiting of Trees

Botany of the Kuram Valley


Red Clover

By G. Haberlandt


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    November 13, 1880