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Military Steam Electric Machine and Light

The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich

Chrome Leather

Trial of a Compressed Air Locomotive

The Polyphemus

Mr. James Nasmyth, C.E., on Freehand Drawing

Direct Positive Transparencies

Methods of obtaining Positives in the Camera

By Fr. Jahns

Sir Josiah Mason's Science College, Birmingham

Roman Villa in the Isle of Wight

Apparatus for the Detection of Fire-Damp in Mines

St. Mark's Library, Venice

Sir William Thomson's Siphon Recorder

Roof Covering

The Phenomena of Fluorescence

By Edward Rattenbury Hodges

An Economical Process for Treating Mineral and other Substances Containing Small Quantities of Phosphate of Lime

By C. H. Alldred

On the Liquefaction of Ozone, and on its Color in the Gaseous State

By MM. P. Hautefeuille and J. Chappuis

Detection of Inks

By W. Thomson


A Method of Determining the Topography of Chemical Processes in the Animal System

By W. Kochs

On Ostrich Feather Dyeing

By Paul Alex

Igneous Rocks

Freezing Mixtures Formed by an Acid and a Hydrated Salt

By Berthelot

Fast Red on Cotton with Artificial Alizarine

By M. Moyret

Chemical Cause of the Poisonous Nature of Arsenic

Certain Properties of Flames

By M. Meyreneuf

Alcohol in Animal Tissues

By J. Bechamp

A New Process for Producing Malleable Nickel of Different Degrees of Hardness

By J. Garnier

Peculiar Insects

Albert J. Myer

Woman as a Sanitary Reformer

Salmon Disease

Dwarfs and Giants

A Great Medical Discovery

By Investigatus Discoverandum, M.D., C—A. 10 A.C

Headache as a Symptom of Uræmia

Copper a Preservative against Cholera and Typhoid Fever

On some Points in the Management of Asthenopic Symptoms in Emmetropic and Ametropic Eyes

By O. D. Pomeroy

A New Vine


Castration for Hysteria


The Termination of Nerves in Muscle


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    November 20, 1880

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