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Decisions Relating to Patents

, U. S. Circuit Court -- Southern District of New York, Campbell vs. James, et al.--Canceling Stamp

Effect of Magnetism in Toughening Iron

Shunting Engine, London and Northwestern Railway

Pelzer's Screw Ventilator

Trial of the New 100-Ton Gun in the Royal Arsenal

Taking up Passenger Cars by a Train in Motion

Blasting and Blown-Out Shots in Fiery Mines

By W. Purdy

America's River System

How to get Large Streams

The Longest Bridges of the World

Fruit Sirups

What our Mills Need

St. Anthony's Falls

Brewing in Austria

Glass Manufacture

Production of Maltose

Influence of Compressed Air on Fermentation

Moisture in Malt

Analysis of Speyer Beer

The use of Raw Grain

Porcelain Photography

By J. R. Sawyer

Treatment of New Casks

The Measurement of High Temperatures and New Pyrometric Instruments

The Radiograph

Ultra-Neptunian Planets

Clothing in its Relation to Health

The Statue of Joan of Arc

The Unhealthiness of Public Institutions

Prof. Jaeger's Neural Analysis

Induced Hysterical Somnambulism and Catalepsy

A New Method for Prolapsus Ani

Ammonia in Healthy Persons

By A. Adamkiewicz

Nitrite of Amyl in Convulsions

Help for Red Noses


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