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New Thirteen-Pounder Breech-Loading Gun

Stromeyer's Strain Indicator

The New Italian Ironclad

Atlantic Cables

On a New Method of Aerial Locomotion

Patent Water Heater

Sewage Disposal

By James Craggs

Sagar's Improved Taking-Up Motion

Huxley on Scientific Education

Photo-Lithographic Printing

Various Tools

The Military Progress of Japan

Cologne Cathedral


Psychology and the Baby—The Development of Mind in the Infant

Juvet's Time Globes

Quantity of Wool Produced on the Earth

An Old Time Piece

By Ithuriel

Maiche's Electrophone

Experiments for Beginners

On the Action of Oils on Metals

By William Henry Watson

Prussic Acid and a New Alkaloid in Tobacco Smoke

Action of Sulphuric Acid on Platinum

By Scheurer-Kestner

Liquefied Ozone

Sulphur in Coal

By W. Wallace

Bad Odor from the Feet

Silver Sulphate

By Philip Braham

On the Microscopic Crystals Contained in Plants

By W. K. Higley

Artificial Inflation of the Lungs

New Studies into the Nature of Diphtheria

The Wheat Midge

Iron in the Dust Showers of Sicily and Italy

By Tacchini

Professor Benjamin Peirce

Existence of Zinc in all Primary Rocks, and in Sea Waters of all Ages

By L. Dieulafait



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