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Decisions Relating to Patents

United States Circuit Court --District of Vermont, Holly vs. Vergennes Machine Company.

Mascart's Reflection Electrometer

Preliminary Labors for the Railroad through the Sahara

High-Speed Ocean Steamships

Illumination of Lighthouses

The National Museum Washington— Cluss & Schulze, Architects

Boiler Drilling Machine

Superheater, Condenser, and Receiver for Steam and Air

On a Method of Determining the Pressure on the Solar Surface

By E. Wiedemann

Gas-Heated Soldering Iron

Major Macgregor's Ekowe Pocket Heliograph

Covering Wire

Soap-Making Machinery

On the Manufacture of Soap in small Quantities without Boiling

Development of Gelatine Plates

By W. T. Wilkinson

Apparatus for Sulphureted Hydrogen

The Future of American Cotton Manufacture.—The Possibilities of Southern Water Power

Apparatus for Cleansing Oil

Apparatus for Continuous Diffusion

Mesquite Bread

Tar-Oil Lamp

On Bunsen's Method for Determining Free Oxygen in Water

By J. Koenig and C. Krauch

Steelyard without Weights

The Heat of Combustion of the Gaseous Hydrocarbons

Crystallized Calcium Oxide

By A. Levallois and S. Meunier

Glover's Tower for Manufacturing Sulphuric Acid

New Apparatus for Manufacturing Gelatine at a Temperature which is below the Boiling Point of Water

By Abraham Zwillinger

Reduction of Gold and Silver from Ores Containing Sulphur, Antimony, or Arsenic

The Therapeutical use of the Magnet

By William A. Hammond

An Experiment with Sulphur

By T. Gross

Apparatus for Coating Laboratory Tools

Process for the Manufacture of Ammoniac from Leather Rubbish by means of Distillation with Carbonate of Lime

Excision of the Inferior Dental Nerve for the Relief of Obstinate Neuralgia

Syphilis and Modern Society

The Magnet in Paralysis

Headaches and their Treatment

A Sample of Cayenne

By Thomas Greenish

Biology and Microscopy

The Atmosphere of Celestial Bodies

By M. Jos*amp*eacute; J. Landeur

The Detection of Forgeries by the Microscope

The Antiquity of Man in Eastern America, Geologically Considered

By Henry Carvill Lewis

Jupiter's Satellites

The Toothed Birds of Kansas

The Screw Worm

By A. R. Kilpatrick

Fire Blight on Fruit Trees


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