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Decisions Relating to Patents, Trade Marks, Etc.

United States Circuit Court.–Northern District of New York.

Improved Torpedo Boat Engines

Northeastern Railway—Bridge over the River Wear at Sunderland

Proposed Railways in Mexico

The First Steamboat

A Miner's Daring and Endurance

Artists' Homes, No. 8

Salmon & Crossland's Stone Grinding and Polishing Machine

Theories Regarding a Gradual Development of the Sense of Color

The Egg Trade

How a Fast Racer Troth

The Tea Trade of the United States

The Tide of Immigration

Extraction of Grease from Wool

Where the Oleomargarine Goes

The Population of the Earth

Continental Libraries

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

Materials and Processes Connected with Clothing

Scientific Notes

Apparatus for the Manufacture of Gas by a Cold Process

By H Heckel and O. Ottmann

Ozone in the Air

A New Optical Milk-Testing Apparatus

Assembly of German Natural Scientists, 1880

Ancient American Pottery

Ancient Warriors Uncovered

The Animals of the Deep Sea

Scale Insects

Some Natural History Notes Regarding the Jews

A Newly–Discovered Oasis

Cattle and Dairy Interests of Kansas

Mexicans as a “Primitive People”


Easy Methods of Detecting Blood-Stains

By D. S. Kellicott


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