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New System of Movable Dam, with Swinging Wickets and Trestles, at La Mulatiere Lyons

A Water Power Railway

Crematory Furnaces

New Dynamometric Brakes

Specific Heat

The Livadia

New Thermopile

Electric Lighting

Tracing the Pendulum

New Air Thermometer

By M. Miller.

Lightning Rods on War Ships

Improvement of the Bunsen Battery

A New Relay

Photophonic Transmitter

By Emile Berliner

Action of the Light upon Coloring Matters

Artificial Citric Acid

Manufacture of Salts of Soda

Doctored Wines

A Destructive Fire Caused by Sulphuric Ether

Precipitation of Manganese Hydrate by Ammonia

By Giulio Puliti

Oil of Coffee


Antiseptic Inflation

Bread Colored Blue by Rhinanthin


Coffee Tree Saccharine Matters

By M. Boussingault

Determination of Sex, and the Mental and Physical inheritance of Children

By J. Mortimer Granville

The Pharmaceutical Exhibition at Breslau

Determination of Theine in Tea

The Magnetic Apparatus of M. Edard

The Botanical Nature of Whooping Cough

Temporary Deafness

impacted cerumen

By H. Augustus Wilson


Distinctions between Human Blood and Animals'

By Vincenzo Pesety Cervera

Rare Animals in the Zoological Collection

William Lassell, Ll.D., F.R.S

By William Huggins

New Points in the Production of Milk

Small Fruits

By W. D. Philbrick

The Balsam Fir

The Scientific American Supplement

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January 22, 1881

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