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America's Coal Supply

Improved Portable Compound Engine

Gas Motors

The New Overland Route

Progress of Engineering in America

Blowers, or Outbursts of Gas

By W. Purdy

Improved Steam Hammer

Jack-Screws for Raising Rails

Improvement in Winding Machines

Brewing in Austria

Uninflammable Tissues

The Melbourne Exhibition

Machinery Steel

Macadam Vs. Cedar Block

Frosts and Autumnal Tints

Cooking by Hot Water

Placing the Cap- Stone upon the Finial of the South Tower of the Cathedral in Cologne

Manufacture of Spot Yarns

By G. A. J. Schott

Labels, Tablets, or Sheets for Advertising, Etc

By A. McCaw, J. Stevenson and J. P. Orr

Apparatus for Manufacturing Celluloid

Electric Lighting

Deprez's Current Measurer

Printing Music by Electricity

By H. Y Dickinson

On a Septum Permeable to Water, and Impermeable to Air, With Application to a Navigational Depth Gauge

Fast Speed Working on Cables

A New Process for the Metallurgic Treatment of Complex Ores Containing Zinc.*

By Edward A. Parnell

Soap in Pomades

Lead–How to Coat Articles Therewith— the Galenizing Process

Electro-Chemical Analysis of Metals

Cold as a Cause of Deafness

What Determines the Sex of Children?

Synthesis of Alcohol

Manufacture of Soda

By C. A. de la Martelli*amp*eacute;re

Flaying of the Vocal Cords

By Carlo Labus and Charles E. Sajous

Silkworms and Forest Trees

The Story-of a Plant

The Destruction of our Forests

Hearing Noises Taking Place on the Sun

The Origin of Anthracite

Prehistoric Men

A Successful African Expedition

Corn Sugar

The Scientific American Supplement


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    January 29, 1881

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