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A Successful Aqueduct of Lead Pipe

By R. Fletcher

Remarkable Boiler Explosions

Hydraulic Riveter for Ships' Keels

Dr. Siemens' Gas and Coal Fire Grate

Hydraulic Machine Tools for Ship-Building

Machine for Making Velvet Sheepskins

Progress of the Mining Operations at Flood Rock, Hell Gate

The Polytechnic Association

Physics without Apparatus

Steel Paint

Easy Test for Arsenic in Fabrics

Silk Dyeing

By M. De Vinant

On the History of the Artificial Preparation of Indigo

By Carl Schorlemmer

Liquefaction of Ozone

By P. Hautefeuille and J. Chappuis

Action of Chlorine and of Hydrochloric Acid upon Lead Chloride

By A. Ditte

Transformation of Oxygen

By P. Hautefeuille and J. Chappuis

Thermic Equilibrium of Chemical Actions

By Donato Tommasi

Inflammation Temperatures of Gaseous Mixtures

By M. M. Mallard and Le Chatellier

Heat of Formation of Dimethyl

By M. Berthelot

Enrichment of Plumbiferous Earth by means of a Stream of Air

By M. Delesse

Cyprien M. Tessie Du Motay

By Auguste J. Rossi

Malleable Cast Iron

By M. L. Forguignon

The Actual Figure of the Earth

By W. Rachel

Picric Acid in Beer

By H. Fleck

Note on Siemens-Martin Steel

By Sergius Kern

In what Way does the Sun give Light and Heat?

“Telling the Time ”

By Waldo

The Nebula in Orion

By Henry Draper

Archaic Greek Art

The Theater of Dionysus at Athens


Alkali Waste as a Manure

Lawn Grasses

What to do when at a Loss


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February 05, 1881

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